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Beverly and Frank take great pride in their business and are sponsors to many community programs that involve education, athletics, children and of course the arts. This year we provided framing for two rooms at the Pasadena Showcase House, located in Arcadia, CA. We were featured in the Reader's Room and pictures can be found on our facebook site:

About FastFrame on Foothill

Beverly and Frank attened FastFrame Training in 2005 to learn about the business and to learn custom framing. Both achieved their certification and were allowed to purchase their store. They also joined the Picture Framer's Association (PPFA) and have taken many specialty courses over the years.

Before their purchase of their store both Beverly and Frank had a background in marketing and communications. Beverly was a Graphic Artist and began her own company, Write From the Heart, Ink., which designed and manufactured custom greeting cards and annoucements. Frank began his career in marketing for Baskin-Robbins Corporate and was involved as art director for photo and film shoots as well as responsible for marketing support for Baskin-Robbins International.

Frank de Lucia with Ted Nuttall

In 2006 Frank joined the Verdugo Hills Art Association and in 2007 became the Association's 40th. President. He has been involved with VHAA since then as an officer and a board member. In 2011 Frank joined the Board of Director's of the John McGroarty Arts Center.

Over the years the de Lucia's have provided support through donations to various schools and groups: La Canada Schools, Summit View in the Valley, Verdugo Hills High School, Crescenta Valley High School, L.A. County High School for the Arts, The Glendale Historic Society, McGroarty Arts Center, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, YMCA, The YWCA in Glendale and many more.

During the summer Beverly takes time out for a program close to her heart, EF Education. She helps find temporary homes for foreign exchange kids during the summer for about four weeks. She volunteers her time and while they're in the country, she is involved with the program 24/7, which is why many of you will find Joan Carlson and Frank at the store during this time. It should be mentioned that Beverly is currently the BSA Commissioner for the San Gabriel area too.

Joan Carlson, Designer/Framer, has been with the store longer than the de Lucia's have owned it. She began her career in advertising and is an artist as well. Joan grew up in La Canada and in her teens moved to Arcadia. She has always worked in the Pasadena area and is a treasure to her many customers.

Beverly with local groups

Beverly de Lucia with Carlos of Boy Scouts of America Beverly de Lucia with Kim at the Crescenta Canada YMCA

(Lt) Beverly with Carlos of Boy Scouts. (Rt) Beverly with Kim of YMCA

Beverly de Lucia at Girl Scout convention

(Lt) Beverly with Girl Scouts.


The Doctor's House at Brand Park - Glendale, CA

In honor of the anniversary of the Doctor's House historic move, we donated framed pieces for the Museum.

Doctors House at Brand Park, Glendale Doctors House at Brand Park, Glendale Doctors House at Brand Park, Glendale Doctors House at Brand Park, Glendale

The Glendale YWCA - 2012

Because of the great service to women and families, we donated framing for the reopening of the historic YWCA in Glendale.

Perfect Gift Ideas


diploma with frame

Wondering what to get your favorite graduate this year? You can honor them with custom framing their diploma. Not only will you be giving them a gift that will last a lifetime but you'll also be acknowledging their hard work.

Weddings and Anniversaries

anniversary or wedding frame

Framing wedding or anniversary invitations can be a beautiful and unique gift for those you love. Preserve the memories and create a framed gift using the actual invitation with mat choices matching the colors of the invitation.

Birth of a New Baby

baby picture with frame

Framed birth announcements or baby photos can also make beautiful gifts that any Parent Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle would love.