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Beverly and Frank take great pride in their business and are sponsors to many community programs that involve education, athletics, children and of course the arts. This year we provided framing for two rooms at the Pasadena Showcase House, located in Arcadia, CA. We were featured in the Reader's Room and pictures can be found on our facebook site:

FastFrame on Foothill's Gallery

In 2005 we began imaging our customer's work during the design phase. This allowed us to explore different mouldings (frames), mats and colors and our customers could see what their completed work would look like on our large screen HD Monitor. This extra step is quick and we never charge for designing.

Several years back when La Canada had severe wild fires and then mudslides and flooding, we were able to pull up images and workorders for our customer's who had to submit claims to their insurance carriers.

Gallery Two

Perfect Gift Ideas


Framed college or High school diploma

Wondering what to get your favorite graduate this year? You can honor them with custom framing their diploma. Not only will you be giving them a gift that will last a lifetime but you'll also be acknowledging their hard work.

Weddings and Anniversaries

Framed Wedding Anniversary Inviation

Framing wedding or anniversary invitations can be a beautiful and unique gift for those you love. Preserve the memories and create a framed gift using the actual invitation with mat choices matching the colors of the invitation.

Birth of a New Baby

framed newborn baby picture

Framed birth announcements or baby photos can also make beautiful gifts that any Parent Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle would love.