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Beverly and Frank take great pride in their business and are sponsors to many community programs that involve education, athletics, children and of course the arts. This year we provided framing for two rooms at the Pasadena Showcase House, located in Arcadia, CA. We were featured in the Reader's Room and pictures can be found on our facebook site:

FastFrame on Foothill's Services

Keep Calm and Custom Frame

Framing Types

Standard Framing

We use non-damaging, acid free materials to frame your art with a paper dustcover stretched across the back.

Archival Framing

We use 100% cotton rag mats, japanese paper hinges, Conservation glass or acrylic with glass spacers if there is no mat, and finished with a paper dustcover stretched acrosss the back.

Museum Framing

We use museum approved matboards, materials and processes for this type of framing. This may include TruVue Optium Museum Acrylic as preferred choice of glazing.


Drymounting can be an inexpensive way to hang posters without the cost of framing and it can help smooth out pieces that have been folded or damaged. We use several different mounting processes depending on your type of art. If you're not sure what would be best for your art, simply bring it in and we'll identify the best ways to drymount your art.

In-store and on-site Design Services

TV Framing

Thin profile televisions are ideal for framing. We start with measuring exactly the outer dimension of the television and then attach specially designed velcro locking straps that will hold the frame in place, is hidden from view and allows complete ventilation.

We also carry roll-up canvas frame systems that will automaticall roll your favorite painting or photograph up into the top of the frame allowing you to use your television. The system is controled by your remote control.

Framing Mirrors

Not only can we frame any mirror, we also sell flat, beveled and acrylic mirrors in custom sizes. We are your one stop shop for framed mirrors.

Framing Bulletin Boards Etc.

We frame cork and other types of bulletin boards.

Photo Restoration

We offer photo print and restoration work. Come in for details

Free Pick up and Delivery

Within a 5 mile radius of our store. Come in for details if outside the radius.

Perfect Gift Ideas


College diploma

Wondering what to get your favorite graduate this year? You can honor them with custom framing their diploma. Not only will you be giving them a gift that will last a lifetime but you'll also be acknowledging their hard work.

Weddings and Anniversaries

Framed Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Framing wedding or anniversary invitations can be a beautiful and unique gift for those you love. Preserve the memories and create a framed gift using the actual invitation with mat choices matching the colors of the invitation.

Birth of a New Baby

Frame Newborn Baby Picture

Framed birth announcements or baby photos can also make beautiful gifts that any Parent Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle would love.